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Vision, Mission & Values

OFFSET Constructions L.L.C. offers a wide range of services to all clients in the United Arab Emirates, and the region. Our area of specialization is design build – turn key construction services where we provide total engineering solutions to our clients from the conceptual stage throughout design and execution stage.

We work on all types of buildings and structures, including multistory residential and commercial buildings, industrial complexes, hotels,hospitals, luxury villas and residential compounds. Our in house design and execution capabilities in civil and MEP gives our clients a unique combination of engineering services for all their requirements in one place.


To create and sustain the most reliable name in contracting through the region, by continuing to provide and develop high quality services, and investing in the latest technology infrastructure


Our mission is to provide construction services to our clients, distinguishing us from others, based on the needed time, budget, and requirement, in building trusted relationships with public and private customers . These services shall be accomplished in the most efficient manners. We aim also at achieving the best quality, while at the same time, respecting health and environmental standards.

Our Core Values

Efficiency: to offer the best quality of services based on the given requirement, time, and budget, and employing the latest technology.

Reliability: to create and sustain the modern environment by building trusted relationships with our public and private sector customers

Development: being up-to-date with the latest developments taking place in the contracting business worldwide, and adapting them to the local market

Accountability: being responsible for what we do and what we represent.

Our People

OFFSET possesses a team of 600 above full time professionals and craftsmen in diverse positions, providing Clients complete turnkey solutions for their construction requirement. Our professionals are the reliable business partners for the Clients in all phases of the project from conceptual stage through design, engineering, construction, testing & commissioning & handing over of the project.

OFFSET has In-House design & engineering team to provide value engineered design to the Clients. Our Sales & estimation staffs provide best competitive pricing for the construction of the project with least variation. The Construction & Operations staffs having a broad range of technology, know-how and experience support in project execution from mobilization till handover, and are always looking for reasonable ways to shorten the construction duration. Procurement specialists ensure the quality materials from worldwide sources while adhering the project milestones. We take single source of responsibility including taking permits & approvals from Authorities, coordination with several stakeholders even in the complex project structures. Meanwhile, our Human Resource Department employees recruit, develop & retain the best talents in the construction industry providing them career & learning. Our IT Department engages in introducing technology & innovation in the operational system & procedures to generate efficiency.

Community Relationships

Social Responsibility is one of the guiding principle and integral part of our culture. As a result OFFSET focuses philanthropic efforts in the areas of sustainability, community health and development. We engage with the community on various ways such as:

  • Hiring local suppliers & subcontractors to work with us in delivering projects.
  • Volunteering on various awareness programmes, national events and cultural programmes
  • Commitment to sustainability

Zero Harm

We’re committed to achieving Zero Harm across our businesses. Only by setting the highest standards within us, we will we be able to retain the trust of our customers and the people using facilities built by us. For us, Zero Harm is:

  • Aim for zero accidents and injuries.
  •  Zero fatalities
  • Zero permanently disabling injuries

Zero Harm means delivering on the following shared commitments:

  • Eliminating fatal risks: Offset team will identify fatal risks and establish Zero Harm design, management and behavioural protocols to eliminate them.
  •  Eliminating hazards: We will identify and plan out hazards in all activities they undertake.
  •  Maintaining Zero Harm day to day: We will establish and maintain management, monitoring,
  • review, audit and assurance systems geared for Zero Harm.
  • Keeping the public safe from harm: We will manage and maintain Zero Harm levels of
  • separation, security, monitoring and stewardship to safeguard members of the public from exposure to our hazards.
  • Keeping all our people healthy: We will conduct health checks and health risk assessments to ensure there is no long-term harm to health from working in our business.
  • Working with our customers: We will enlist the support and co-operation of customers to achieve Zero Harm.
  • Making safety personal: All OFFSET employees will make safety a personal commitment.

Healthy & Safety

HS&E are built into our business. They’re part of our DNA.

At OFFSET, Health, Safety & Environment are core values and are part of every workday. These values are integrated into all our operations. By placing the health and safety of our people, the protection of our communities and environment above all else, we continuously complete projects on time and in the safest, most responsible manner. At OFFSET, Health & Safety Management System is certified by SGS Gulf Ltd, meeting the requirements of OHSAS 18001:2007.

We believe that Compliance with all relevant legislation, regulations and other legal and industry requirements, and are dedicated to performing our work in the safest practical manner throughout its operations, consistent with best industry practice through good management and utilization of our resources, a comprehensive HSE management system, a strong supervisory presence, actively caring culture and leadership engagement.

Far more than a regulatory compliance, safety is a core value and focuses on continuous improvement.

Our ongoing commitment to safety benefits three important groups: first and foremost, our employees on the job site; second, their families; and third, OFFSET as an employer of choice, because a safe business is a profitable business.

OFFSET continues at the leading edge of environmental and sustainable construction practices. We are leaders in implementing LEED requirements, and initiatives from recycling and using renewable materials, to working to green building standards, to achieving energy efficiency and employing life- cycle costing that governs management of all our projects.


More environmental measures, less impact.

Sustainability commitment extends through all aspects of our business including our environmental management systems which are certified to ISO 14001:2004 standards by SGS Gulf Ltd, world’s leading inspection, verification, testing & certification company. These systems set benchmarks and targets to ensure there is a continual focus on sustainability both on site and within our office locations.

Environmental and sustainable building practices are evolving rapidly and we insist on staying at the leading edge of sustainable construction practices. Our approach includes a wealth of various environmental protection measures throughout the constrution duration.

OFFSET is continually upgrading our environmental awareness and sustainable construction practices from recycling and using renewable materials to working to green building standards, achieving energy efficiency and employing life-cycle costing.

OFFSET continues at the leading edge of environmental and sustainable construction practices. We are leaders in implementing LEED requirements, and initiatives from recycling and using renewable materials, to working to green building standards, to achieving energy efficiency and employing life- cycle costing that governs the management of all our projects.

Test and commission all building systems to verify proper installation, calibration and performance.Recycle or reuse materials wherever possible.

Prohibit smoking in enclosed spaces, including site trailers. Enforce Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) management strategies.

Quality Management System

Building it better with quality.Building it better with quality.

At OFFSET, quality management program has been formulated to ensure a commitment to quality is apparent to all employees, clients, design partners, and sub-contractors. This commitment ensures quality performance, and improves client and design team satisfaction. OFFSET’s Quality Management System is certified by SGS Gulf Ltd., meeting the requirement of ISO 9001:2008.

We integrate quality within all our operations. From planning, design and scheduling to materials, construction and environmental practices, we build care and quality into every step. It’s what our clients deserve and how we’ve earned a national reputation across United Arab Emirates for delivering exceptional value. Quality is not reactive but a planned process embedded into every phase of each construction project.We aim for operational excellence through continuous improvement within all our deliverables.

OFFSET’s Quality Management System provides value to clients and project stakeholders by :

  • Completing projects on schedule
  • Limiting deficiencies through our Path to Zero initiative.
  • Eliminating rework

Awards & Certifications

OFFSET is the ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 & OHSAS 18001:2007 certified Company by SGS Middle East OFFSET’s consistent dedication on meeting Client’s requirements through superior quality construction, which is delivered on time and under budget, has resulted on various awards & appreciations from Clients.

We will continue in building our reputation through innovative technologies, combined with creative concepts, designs, plans & execution of projects to achieve Client’s ultimate satisfaction.

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